Combination Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Detector

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Description:Power Supply :9V batterySensor Type: ElectrochemicalSafety Standard: Conforms with EN50291:2010CO Sensitivity:50ppm: 60~90 minutes100ppm: 10-40 minutes300ppm: <3 minutesStandby Current :<25 uA(average)Working Current : <50 mA(average)Temperature : 4℃~40℃Humidity :10%~95% RH(no n-condensing)Alarm Sound:>...


Power Supply :9V battery

Sensor Type: Electrochemical

Safety Standard: Conforms with EN50291:2010

CO Sensitivity:50ppm: 60~90 minutes

100ppm: 10-40 minutes

300ppm: <3 minutes

Standby Current :<25 uA(average)

Working Current : <50 mA(average)

Temperature : 4℃~40℃

Humidity :10%~95% RH(no n-condensing)

Alarm Sound:> =85 dB at 3M

Alarm Silence: About 6 minutes


This device is a battery-powered Tuya WIFi app control carbon monoxide alarm with an advanced electrochemical sensor for domestic use. Please note that this device does not detect smoke, heat, flames or other hazardous gases.

1. Preheat After the alarm is powered on, the alarm will enter the warm-up state for 1

minute; the green and yellow LEDs will flash, at the same time, the LCD will cyclic display numbers 1~9, and the LCD will display 0 at the end of thewarm-up, indicating that the alarm has entered the normal working state;

2. Testing Test your alarm by pressing the Test/Hush button until the unit beeps once and the red LED flashes once, then release the test button. The blue backlight will be lit, and the unit will proceed to beep 4 times with the red LED flashing 4 times.

After 5 seconds of silence, the unit will beep 4 times with the red LED flashing 4 times again. It is then followed by a single beep and the red LED flashing once.

The LCD display will show the highest CO value recorded since the previous test, followed by "---"then "PAS"and finally "0".

3. Hush button When the CO detector is sounding an alarm after a suspected false alarm, you can press the Test/Hush button and the detector's alarm sound will beep intermittently, the blue backlight will be off and the red LED will flash once every 5 seconds. The detector will resume its normal monitoring status after 5-15 minutes. If the CO level is still at a dangerous level, the alarm will sound again.

4. CO alarm levels The CO01A Battery-Operated Carbon Monoxide Alarm is programmed to sound an alarm at the following CO concentrations within the time periods listed:

50 ppm for 60-90minutes,

100 ppm for 10-40 minutes, and 300 ppm for 0-3 minutes.

When CO is detected and the alarm sounds, the CO concentration will be displayed on the LCD and a blue backlight will be lit. The red LED will flash and the alarm will issue 4 short beeps, repeating the cycle every 5 seconds.

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Certification: None
Origin: CN(Origin)
Model Number: New
Power Supply: 9V battery
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Safety Standard: Conforms with EN50291:2010
CO Sensitivity: 50ppm
100ppm: 10-40 minutes
300ppm: <3 minutes
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